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Is a Body Lift Right for You?

If you have undergone bariatric surgery to combat obesity and its negative health effects, you may now be ready for plastic surgery contouring procedures. Massive weight loss often eliminates type II diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure; however, it often causes loose, baggy skin all over the body. Dr. Donaldson can help you determine the right timing for plastic surgery and explain what types of procedures might apply to you during a brief consultation.

The Final Touch: Body Lift After Weight Loss

Plastic surgery after massive weight loss is often the final step to looking and feeling your best. You have made the most difficult progress already, so why not consider the finishing touch? Call Dr. Donaldson’s office to schedule a consultation in which you can ask questions and explore the possibilities.

About the Body Lift Procedure

Areas that commonly need to be addressed during Body Lift Surgery include:

Belt Lipectomy Surgery: The Removal of Excess Skin

Circumferential operations, or “belt lipectomies,” are frequently designed to offer patients skin and residual fat removal from all sides at once — belly, back and sides. Combination procedures are often possible, so that the number of trips to the operating room may be minimized. At the same time, length of time spent in the OR is minimized for safety.

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Have additional questions about the Body Lift Surgery and how it can help you complete your weight loss journey? Get in touch with us today and you can speak with surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson directly and have all of your questions answered! 

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